“The feeling of connection may be one of life’s sweetest moments... When someone understands you, really understands you, because they have been there.”

Our Parent Links mentors represent a wide range of experiences raising children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Every family has a unique and changing understanding as they travel their paths with their children. This knowledge helps them understand the possibilities and challenges that may present themselves to other families. We have parent mentors fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Parent Links Mentors

I am the mother of 3 amazing young men, the ages of 25, 24 and 19 years, who happen to be Deaf. One thing I love about being a parent is passing my cultural and family traditions to my sons. I have been a Parent Mentor for 11 years. I love connecting with families and helping them see the unique journey they have been chosen to walk.​

Irma Sanchez

My family was introduced into the Deaf community with the birth of my son Joey. Our home languages consist of Spanish, English, and ASL. As a family, we enjoy outside play, movie nights, and games. My favorite thing as a mom is all those first moments when my children have discovered how to do things on their own! As a Parent Links Parent Mentor, I have learned to be open to different ideas and bring families from diverse cultures and languages together.

Griselle Ramirez

I have worked for almost 20 years at Santa Clara County Office of Special Education (SCCOE) for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. I have been a Parent Links Mentor since November 2019. I have two wonderful daughters, my youngest is deaf, educated, and independent. We use sign language as one of the ways we communicate. I also volunteer on the board of directors for Bay Area Community Health (BACH). My husband and I live in San Jose and enjoy hiking, cooking and reading.

Estela Camacho

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